News Trend 2 - Personal Histories



This, the second of our artistic responses to new and emerging interior trends - looks to luxury hotel and residential developments for its inspiration. Entitled 'Personal Histories', this story nods to architectural references of the Beaux Arts movement and combines this with more neoclassical styling for a more modern twist. Interior schemes will be sumptuous in texture and finish with a real focus on fabrics such as silk velvet and chenille, satin taffeta and the softest of suedes. Furniture and wall coverings will feel slightly Art Deco, thanks to their simple organic lines and linear graphic elements which sit against backdrops of ivory and cream.

Quintessa's response to this is a collection of unique hand painted paintings which explore the idea of urban decay and regeneration though the use of layered textured surfaces and authentic crackleglaze effects. The colour palette is optimistic and are as comfortable on Jumeirah as on a Miami beach. RAL colours include RAL1015, RAL 1023, RAL 2008, RAL 2012, RAL 3000, RAL 6026, RAL 6033, RAL 7026 and RAL 9018. These colours are further brought to life through antiqued brass and silver or copper metallic frames and accents.